Additions to “Aryan Controversy” Bibliography (Asko Parpola, 11/21/96)

[The following bibliography was submitted by Prof. Parpola, who
reviewed the RISA-L discussion and bibliography on the Aryan migration
controversy and reported that many of the references to his publications
“are at best marginal as far as this topic is concerned, while many of the most
important publications in this field are missing.” L. Nelson]

A basic reference is:

Parpola, Asko, 1988. The coming of the Aryans to Iran and India and the
cultural and ethnic identity of the Dsas. Studia Orientalia 64:
195-302. Helsinki. (This paper was reprinted, without my permission and
in fact against my express wish to the contrary, in the International
Journal of Dravidian Linguistics, without mentioning the original place
of publication and with unindicated deletions.)

This paper is nowpartially antiquated, as my views have been evolving with
new evidence and continued deliberation. Successive revisions which however
do not repeat much material of the above article that I still subscribe to are:

Parpola, Asko, 1993. Margiana and the Aryan problem. Information
Bulletin of the International Association for the Study of the Cultures
of Central Asia 19: 41-62. Moscow.

Parpola, Asko, 1994. Deciphering the Indus Script. Cambridge and New
York: Cambridge University Press. Pp. 142-159 = chapters 8.4 The coming
of the Aryans, and 8.5 The horse argument.

Parpola, Asko, 1995. The problem of the Aryans and the Soma: The
archaeological evidence. Pp. 353-381 in: George Erdosy (ed.), The
Indo-Aryans of ancient South Asia: Language, material culture and
ethnicity, (Indian Philology and South Asian Studies, 1), Berlin and New
York: Walter de Gruyter.

Parpola, Asko, in press. Formation of the Aryan branch of Indo-European.
In: Roger Blench and Matthew Spriggs (eds.), Language and Archaeology,
vol. 3: Combining archaeological and linguistic aspects of the past.
London: Routledge. (Paper read at World Archaeological Congress 3, New
Delhi, 4-11 December 1994.)

Parpola, Asko, in press. The Aryan languages and archaeology, with an
excursus on Botaj. In: Bridget and Raymond Allchin (eds.), South Asian
Archaeology 1995. New Delhi: Oxford and IBH Publishing Company. (Paper
read at the conference on South Asian Archaeology held at the University
of Cambridge, England, in July 1995.)

Parpola, Asko, in press. (I do not have the exact title at hand.) To
appear in: The Journal of Indo-European studies. (Paper read at the
symposium on Bronze and Iron Age peoples of eastern Central Asia
organized by Victor H. Mair, University of Pennsylvania, 19-21 April