Buddhist Creation Myths (Valerie Stoker, Winter 2004)

Compiled by Valerie Stoker


Agganna-Sutta of the Digha-Nikaya; a quick translation is available at: http://www.buddhadust.org/sutta/dn/27_exrpt.html

Walshe, Maurice, Trans. _Digha-Nikaya_

Buddhaghosa’s Visuddhimagga (“Path of Purification”) see 13.32 ff.


Re: Agganna-Sutta: Paul, Diana _Women in Buddhism_, p. xx.

Collins, Steven. _Nirvana and other Buddhist Felicities_.

Re: world cycles, generally: Tambiah, Stanley _World Conqueror, World Renouncer_ Chapter 2.

REFERENCES ON THE AGGAA-SUTTA (contributed by Tim Lubin)

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