Films on Ambedkar and Indian Political Leaders (Joseph Schaller, Summer 2007)

Contributed by Joseph Schaller, Nazareth College

Thanks to those who responded to my query regarding films dealing with Dr. Ambedkar and Neo-Buddhism, and by extension films about Indian politics. Following is the list of suggestions in this context for others who might be interested.

Jabbar Patel’s feature Film, Ambedkar
In addition to Jabbar Patel’s film, there are other videos also:

Indian films made about Gandhi:
1. Maine Gandhi ko Nahi Maara
2. Lage Raho Munna Bhai
4. The Making of the Mahatma (About his Satyagraha at South Africa)
5. Gandhi My Father (2007)
6. Hey Raam

Indian films about other political leaders: 1. Sardar (About Sardar Patel, the “Iron Man”, the first home minister of India who unified hundreds of princely states into Indian republic in 1947)
2. Shaheed (About Bhagat Singh, the freedom fighter)
3. Savarkar (Controversial Hindu leader, in one scene, he argues for demolition of caste system while Gandhi wants to uphold it)
4. Bose – The Forgotten Hero (About Subhash Chandra Bose who organized Free Indian Army and invaded British India)
5. Nehru (The first prime minister)
6. Mr. Jinnah: Making of Pakistan (The “father of nation” of Pakistan)