Gurus In America (Tamar C. Reich, Fall 2008)

Contributed by Tamar C. Reich, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Swami Satchidananda

Film “Living Yoga: The Life and Teachings of Swami Satchidananda.” Available from the Integral Yoga Institute at


“Ashram.” Source?

Rajneeshpuram: An Experiment to Provoke God (1995) 57 minutes

A.C. Bhaktvedanta Swamin Prabhpada and the International Society for Krishna Consciousmess

Ram Dass

Film: Fierce Grace, produced and directed by Mickey Lemle, 93 minutes, Lemle Pictures, 2001. Source: Amazon? Seva Foundation?.

Film: “Evolution of a Yogi.”

Meher Baba

There are a couple of films available on Meher Baba

The Jain Guru Chitrabhanu

video about a Jain guru Chitrabhanu who takes several students to India’s Jain temples:

Recent film inspired by some Hindu gurus to the west might be interesting:

Female Gurus


River of Love – Ammachi’s biography, scenes from which are dramatically reenacted.


Siddha Yoga videos on Gurumayi’s delivery and discussion of the Yearly Message. 1995-99 are packaged in one video, Sadhana of the Heart Vol. 1.


Cynthia Hume and Thomas Forsthoefel’ Gurus in America.

Kripal, Jeffrey and Glenn Shuck. Eds, On the Edge of the Future: Esalen and the Evolution of American Culture