Hinduism in Tanzania (and East Africa) (Karline McLain, Fall 2007)

Contributed by Karline McLain, Bucknell University

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[In terms of the Lohana community, many if not all of them are Sindhi Hindus. This is the major work on Sindhi Hindus from a historical perspective. Scott Levi has done additional work, but he focuses more on Central Asia. Steven W. Ramey has also done a little bit of work on Sindhi Hindus and the lived religious experiences available, specifically a recent piece in Numen, but has not dealt with East Africa specifically.]

Savita Nair at Furman University has worked on migration issues of Indians to East Africa from a historical perspective:
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[Masters thesis: the thesis as well as the bibliography could be useful.]

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[Though on Kenya rather than Tanzania, it has a wealth of information on different groups and migration trajectories which might provide useful background for comparison.]

Vassanji’s novels.

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[The final chapter has a section on the history of that Hindu group in East Africa.]

Younger, Paul. Forthcoming chapter on East African Hinduism in a volume on indentured societies.