sallekhana (Michael Hawley, Spring 2008)

Contributed by Michael Hawley, Mount Royal College

Anne Vallely, “These Hands are not for Henna” in Khandelwal, ? and Gold, 2006 (sorry for the incomplete citation)

an interesting chapter in James Laidlaw’s Riches and Renunciation which deals with Jain discourse on mortification of the body

The books by Tukol and Settar remain indispensable.

essay by Christopher Chapple on a sellekhana in Ladnun in the journal Jinamanjari.

Christopher Chapples article on sallekhana in Dying, Death, and Afterlife in Dharma Traditions and Western Religions. Ed. Adarsh Deepak and Rita DasGupta (Deepak Hertitage Books, 2006.

PURUSHOTTAMA BILIMORIA (1992) THE JAINA ETHIC OF VOLUNTARY DEATH. A Report from India. Bioethics 6 (4) , 331355