We are happy to announce that the Religion in South Asia (RISA) Unit will be sponsoring the following panel and roundtables at the 2021 AAR Annual Meeting:


  • “Productive Influences between Hindu and Buddhist Thought” (co-sponsored with Buddhist Philosophy Unit)
  • South Asian Religious Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic (co-sponsored with Hinduism Unit)
  • “Religion and Populist Movements in South Asia” (co-sponsored with Religion and Politics Unit)
  • “Waterworks: Tirthas Upended”
  • “A New Religion in South Asia? Caste, Language, and Identity in the Liṅgāyat Movement for Independent Religion Status”
  • “The Yogavāsiṣṭha and the Construction of a Pan-Indian Vedānta through Translation”
  • New Directions


  • “Renouncing the World While Staying at Home: A Critical Engagement with Gṛhastha The Household in Ancient Indian Religious Culture” (co-sponsored with Hinduism Unit)
  • “Hate Mail/Male: Negotiating Online Terror as Scholars and Activists in South Asian Religious Contexts” (co-sponsored with Religion, Media, and Culture Unit)