Upon being approved for the SARI-L listserv, subscribers can change their settings from direct mode (receiving each email to the list individually) to digest mode (a weekly compilation) using one of the email list commands.

To send a command to Sympa, email list@list.arizona.edu and type a command into the subject line of your email and leave its body blank. Send these email commands from the email address that is subscribed to the SARI-L listserv.

Commands for users

SET sari-l MAIL  – normal message delivery mode (default)
SET sari-l DIGEST  – receive messages in digest mode
SET sari-l DIGESTPLAIN  – receive messages in digest mode (plain text)
SET sari-l NOT_ME  – not receiving your own posts

UNSUBSCRIBE sari-l email - unsubscribe from the list. The email address is required only if you want to unsubscribe with an address other than the address with which you send the message